The Charity team lies at the heart of FS, and has the profound opportunity to help choose the charity that FS will support. Once the charitable organisation is decided the team has the responsibility of building a relationship with the charity, as well as representing FS and its endeavours to the chosen charity. Therefore communication, accessibility and diligence are key characteristics of the Charity team in their efforts to combine the strategies and mission of the chosen charity with those of FS. Charity also works closely with PR, Design, and Front of House to make sure the organisation's branding is included in promotional material for the show. Experience working with charitable organisations is recommended for this role.


Choreography represents one of the most interactive teams on our committee, responsible for the movement within the show by means of coordinated walks and poses, as well as for the casting of models that feature in our show. The team leads a group of 22 models in weekly practices to ensure absolute precision on the part of the models, and directs rehearsals in the busy weeks before the show. Confidence, as well as effective leadership and organisational skills are critical to the team's pursuits.

Directors' Assistant

The Assistant to the Directors will act as liaison between the Directors and multiple outside contacts. Throughout the year, they will be responsible for booking rooms, attending important meetings and creating schedules. Successful applicants will require excellent communication skills, a flexible schedule and a passion to learn about all elements of FS. The role will provide a great insight into the complex structure of the FS committee, and allows the assistant to play a vital structural role in organising the largest student event in the UK. Previous experience in a similar role would be helpful, but not necessary.


The Events team is critical in its organisation of the production aspects of the events that FS hosts every year. The role includes coordinating marquees, venue design, as well as production elements such as sound, lighting, security and bars. Organisational planning, logistics and negotiation skills are paramount to the role of Events, particularly in its responsibility to procure high-value contracts from leading contractors and events production companies from across the UK. The team works closely with individual contractors for Starfields and FS, as well as with the university to secure licensing and agreements for both events.


The Fashion team fabricates the artistic vision for FS. From the conceptual forming of the theme, to the procurement of designer collections for the show in February. Its primary responsibilities include organising, planning and executing a range of photo shoots in close coordination with photographers, our team of models, as well as the hair and make-up teams. The Fashion team works closely with the Graphic design team and the Artistic director, regarding all content produced for FS, to maintain a strong aesthetic throughout the year. A keen eye for visuals, strict organisation and an imaginative outlook are important qualities contributing to the success of the Fashion team's endeavours. In the weeks leading up to the show, Fashion handles the logistics of all designer collections, fittings, and manages backstage to ensure the show's running order is coordinated with each collection. A broad knowledge of the creative and fashion industries is helpful, and organisational, communication and networking skills are essential.

Front of House

The Front of House team ultimately offers a liaison with guests and is in many ways the "face" of FS through its varied role. The Front of House team coordinates FS foam sales for Raisin Weekend, the highly anticipated table ballots in November, after party ticket sales, table plans, as well as décor for both Starfields and FS . The Front of House team requires efficiency, organisation, and logistics management, as well as a flare for creativity. The team often coordinates with other departments on the committee including Events and Design, offering the opportunity to experience many of the facets of FS.

Graphic Design

The Design team produces all marketing and promotional material for FS, primarily through the creation of banners, cover photos, and photographs. Graphic design and photography are crucial skills within this team, as well as the ability to meet tight deadlines and handle multiple on-going projects at once. InDesign and Photoshop skills are therefore essential. Design represents one of the most important aspects of FS in maintaining the quality of our brand, while promoting what we do to our followers and guests. The Design team will work very closely with the Fashion team and Digital Director in order to adhere to the overall aesthetic. The Graphic Design team will also work closely with the PR, Web, Front of House and Sponsorship teams. A Design portfolio of previous work will be required at interview.


The responsibility of the Music team is to create the mixes for our show in February and its after party, as well as working with choreography and the creative teams to ensure that music choices are fitting to the overall vision of FS. Music plays a varied role in the production of Starfields in its responsibility of helping to book acts and creating and playing a set in front of over 2,000 guests. Music additionally helps book acts for the after party of our fashion show, which requires effective negotiation and communications skills. Music production skills are necessary to the role, as well as the ability to cut and mix tracks and perform live at both Starfields and FS. Experience with management and booking agencies is helpful although not necessary. A portfolio of previous mixes will be required at the interview.


The In-House Photographer is responsible for being available to photograph behind the scenes at shoots and events. They are also responsible for photographing and photo editing shoots such as the committee introduction shoot and whatever content the PR team may need for their content releases. The In-House Photographer must be equipped with a DSLR camera and most of the Adobe Suite, especially Lightroom and Photoshop. They must be adept not only in photography but also in photo-editing. They will need to be on call to any department should photography be needed.

Public Relations

The Public Relations team will work on branding and press strategy to celebrate our anniversary to its full extent, with a focus on alumni relations and a celebratory event. The PR team requires individuals with efficient communication skills, organisation, and a keen interest and knowledge of the press and social media. The team itself is responsible for managing and overseeing the year long FS campaign - driving traffic through our social media platforms and creating hype around events. Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts have thousands of followers and fundamentally establish a national platform from which FS can be promoted as a brand and charitable organisation. Our social media accounts must therefore be continually monitored and updated with information for our followers and guests. The team is responsible for coordinating all external press, liaising with local and national press in order to promote and highlight the incredible work of FS throughout the year. An interest in editorial work and press strategy is essential.


The sponsorship team endeavours to secure business contracts for the events we host each year, through proposals to local, national and multi-national corporations. Our prominent sponsors in the past have included PwC, Fendi, Bacardi, Asahi, and Swarovski. Skills in communication, networking and negotiation are key to the success of the team. In addition, the Sponsorship requires you to be reliable and determined. While Sponsorship deals with large corporate contracts, it also coordinates all gift bags and the auction for our show in February. Sponsorship supports FS at a foundational level in its task of raising the funds necessary to host our two successful events.


The treasurer's role involves budgeting for each department, calculating funds that were spent in prior years and modifying budgets to the objective of saving money for the production and subsequently increasing the annual charitable donation. Banking and overall management of funds are key aspects of this role, which requires integrity, honesty and diligence. Furthermore, the treasurer works closely with multiple departments on expenditures and must be willing to sort payments with little advance notice. Experience in finance is advantageous but not necessary for the role.


The Videography team is responsible for creating the marketing and promotional videos that are released by FS. Videography will also be responsible for creating a portfolio of stock video graphics which can be used by FS throughout the year for continuity purposes. While Videography will have tight deadlines to adhere to, it is more of a long-term job in that the team should be working year round on creating graphics which can be easily applied to any promotional videos or event productions. The Videography team will work closely with Graphic Design, PR, Front of House, Sponsorship, Web, and the Digital Director in order to ensure aesthetic continuity. A high quality camera capable of recording videos is essential, as well as a portfolio of previous video work.

Young Designer

Award (YDA)

The Young Designer Award is continually growing year upon year, with exciting prospects for FS2018. The Award has gained national attention and receives applicants from promising young designers across the United Kingdom. The main responsibilities of YDA includes running and organising the designer competition on a national level, finding the best new and emerging young designer talent, as well as showcasing their designs for the judging panel in the week before the show. The process begins in June at Graduate Fashion Week in London, where the award is promoted to different universities and fashion schools. Close coordination with PR, Design, and Web & Technology is necessary to formulate the YDA campaign and launch the application process in September. Organisational, communication and creative skills are essential for the YDA role, and an interest in the current British fashion industry is crucial.