chapter two


earth | air | water | fire


video concept

experiencing, first, the elemental

Water, Air, Earth

interrupted with construction

A shift, discovering fire

both fundamental and enabling

concretising the power to both build and destroy


model intro


creative vision

elemental in fashion design

the materials, the utensils, the idea:

finding inspiration from other mediums of art

from folklore and the natural world around them

from various cultures and their heritage.

Our origins are our muse.

Young Designer Award 2019


We have shortlisted five innovative designers to produce a collection for our show in February. The overarching mission of the award is to champion sustainable fashion, whereby designers must use a specified list of accepted materials created by our YDA team. The finalists will present their collections in February before a panel on fashion-industry professionals from which one designer will be announced as the winner. All YDA collections will be presented on the FS2019 catwalk in front of our 1600+ attendees.

To learn more about YDA 2019, please click the button below.


behind the scenes



Direction | Hunter Pruitt

Photography | Grace Gathright & Sophia Do

Main Videography | James Montgomery

BTS Videography | Jonah Lowenstein

Styling & Makeup | Simona Mezzina and Francesca Alavian

Video Models | Meg McDonald & Angus Bolton